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Quality Gynecology, Reimagined.

Revolutionizing healthcare. 

No insurance necessary.

No surprise bills.


Meet Your Comprehensive Care Clinic

Better healthcare starts here.

Join Alice to unlock flat rates for visits, procedures, tests, and prescriptions.

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Safe in-person & virtual care

Scheduled & on-demand care

Affordable & transparent prices

Welcoming, safe & open space

Compassionate, expert care

Free resources & self-care options

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We've Got You Covered.

We offer flat membership rates for those without insurance or HSA/FSA payments. 

We partner with fiercely passionate

healthcare professionals who share our belief that high-quality gynecology care should not come with a high price tag.

Our Plans

We offer two ways to pay based on how you like to budget. Both options get you the same great service.


1-Year Commitment 



Cancel Anytime


How Alice Works

Taking care of your health has never been easier.

Schedule Alice

Get virtual and in-person appointments on your schedule.

Meet Alice

Receive affordable and exceptional gynecology care. 

Text Alice

Keep in touch and chat with us any time you need to.

We work hard to make quality gynecology care accessible to everyone.

If you have insurance, great!

We can provide an estimate of your out-of-pocket expense ahead of your visit. 

Looking for flexibility?

We accept HSA and FSA payments.

No Insurance?
No Problem.

Our affordable monthly or annual membership makes getting the care you deserve easy.

Stay in touch with Alice

Interested in learning more?

Get access to free digital tools & resources for navigating the complex healthcare system

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